DeMarco Murray or Felix Jones 2012?

At the beginning of the 2011 season, DeMarco Murray was only held as a handcuff for Felix Jones. He did poorly, only posting 63 total YRDs through 5 games. But something happened, during Felix Jones’ injury, that made Jones the handcuff for Murray, instead. Murray posted his first 100+ YRD game of the season, and he ended up posting 253 YRDs and a score! And that wasn’t all! He posted 348 YRDs in the next 3 games! Jones was only a backup RB, but then another thing happened. Murray got injured. And so Jones is once again the starting RB for the Cowboys. He does well, posting 238 YRDs over 3 games. So who is better? Murray or Jones?

When they both get the same amount of touches

Murray and Jones have both been injured. When they play together, the results are biased because one player is the starter, the other is the backup  So let’s focus different games that they got the same amount of touches. Against TB,  Jones got 22 ATT for 108 YRDs, an AVG 4.9 YPC. Versus SEA, Murray got 22 touches for 139 Yards for a 6.3 AVG. Obviously, Murray did better. But let’s see another 22 ATT game for Murray.Versus MIA, 87 YRDs, 4.0 AVG YPC. If we combine Murray’s two 22 ATT games, we get a 5.1 YPC, and 113 Yards in those 2 games. So Murray did better than Jones.

When they both get the same defense

You understand the title, right? Let’s compare. Against the brick wall of a DEF, SF. Murray gets 6 carries for 21 yards. Jones gets 9 carries for 25 yards. Murray gets better YPC (3.5), and Jones gets 2.8 YPC. They almost got the same touches, and so Murray triumphs again.

Total stats

Stat        Murray        Jones

ATT          164                 116

R YRD      897                545

YPC           5.5                  4.7

LNG           91                     41

REC            26                    26

RE YRD    183                 174

RE YPC     7.0                 6.7

Although Murray played two more games than Jones, Murray started in 7 games, Jones started in 8.

Bottom line

Murray is a better back than Jones, but Jones will still get some touches. Jones should only be held as a handcuff at this time, and Murray should be drafted in the late 2nd round/early 3rd round.


One comment on “DeMarco Murray or Felix Jones 2012?

  1. Hey Freak!
    Nice post! Actually, I once owned Jones, then, when he got hurt, I dropped him. I couldn’t pick up Murray, so I picked up Sproles. One last thing: in your 2nd paragraph, you put “when we combine” but it should be “Murray’s average of these two games.
    I’ll visit again soon!
    Little Miss Alyss

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