The Chris Johnson Dilemma

Chris Johnson is very unpredictable. One game, he’ll get you 1 point, then he’ll get you 10, etc. Well, let’s look at his stats.


Johnson’s first game was against the Jaguars. They don’t have too bad of a run defense. 9 ATT, 24 YRDs. 2.7 AVG. Now remember, 3.5 or more is a good AVG. So clearly, Johnson underperformed.

Johnson’s 2nd game: Baltimore. Baltimore has a pretty good run DEF. Let’s look at his stats for that game. 24 ATT, 53 YRDs. 2.2 AVG. Terrible! Ok, it’s against Baltimore, but still, you gotta get more than 2.2 yards per carry.

3rd game: Broncos.  How many YRDs do you think he got? AVG? 13 ATT, 21 YRDs. 1.6 AVG. Seriously! ONE POINT SIX YPC! If the season ended that game, I would grade him F-.

Johnson played his fourth game at the Browns’ stadium. 23 ATT, 101 YRDs, 4.4 AVG. Alright. Finally, his first 100 yard game of the season! Maybe he’s getting better….

P.S. No TDs yet.

5th: Steelers. Pretty good run DEF. Let’s see if the breakout game was just one of CJ2K’s flukes. 14 ATT, 51 YRDs, 3.6 AVG. 1 TD. Finally! He’s back! Right?

Next game is vs. the Texans. Ready? 10 ATT, 18 YRDs, 1.8 AVG, LNG : 3. <Sigh> 18 YRDs! His longest was a 3 YRD dash! I see a longer than 3 YRD season awaiting.

Vs. Colts. The at that time like 0-6 Colts. The Curtis Painter Colts. The w/o Peyton Manning Colts. His Stats? 14 ATT, 34 YRDs. 2.4 AVG. What is wrong? Where is the real CJ2K?

His 8th game is vs the Bengals. Mediocre run DEF. Once again, 14 ATT. This time 64 YRDs. This time, 4.6 AVG. Remember, 3.5 AVG and up is good. So Johnson did well.

Still with me? 9th game, Panthers. Great matchup, as the Panthers have a bad run DEF. Will he do well? 27 ATT, 130 YRDs, 4.8 avg, LNG : 25. 1 TD. Chris-Johnson-the-unpredictable has succeeded!

Falcon time. This is probably his WORST career game. Ready? 12 ATT, 13 YRDs. 1.1 AVG. LNG : 6 YRDs. Wow. Chris? Are you feeling OK?

Alright, were almost over. Most recent game, TB. 23 ATT, 190 YRDs, 8.3 AVG, LNG : 34 Yarder. His longest was a season high, so was his AVG and his YRDs.

Totals? 183 ATT,699 YRDs, 3.8 AVG, LNG : 34. Grading his YRDs, D-, AVG : C+/B-. Overall, D+.

Bottom Line

Chris Johnson is too unpredictable. Even against poor run DEFs. Don’t try to pick him up, and if you own him, don’t plan on starting him all the time.

P.S. He will play the poor Bills run DEF. I would start him if i had no other good options. But think twice about starting him. He can’t always be trusted.


One comment on “The Chris Johnson Dilemma

  1. Hi Freak,
    I agree Chris Johnson can’t be trusted. He seems to be coming on a bit here late in the season, but you’re right that he’s a week-by-week decision…which is hurting owners who invested a high first-round pick on him.

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