More Waiver Wire Pickups


1. Reggie Bush

I bet a few weeks ago you would of thought me crazy if I told you this: it’s time to pick up Reggie Bush. The past few weeks he’s been posting double-digit numbers, including a two touchdown wonder in week 10. That’s some fantasy numbers.


2. Brandon Lloyd

I know. He’s owned in 95% of all Yahoo! leagues. But you can still trade for him. Here’s the deal. The Rams’ offensive coordinator used to be Lloyd’s head coach on the Broncos.  That means that Lloyd will be more known and more plays on him will be made. If you’re thinking of trading him, think twice.  (or thrice)

3. Marshawn Lynch

This time, Lynch is owned in only 83% of Yahoo! leagues. He has a season average of 11.20 Yahoo! standard points (anything >10 is good). In fact, Lynch scored an incredible 22.70 points(Yahoo!)! Believe me; you want him.


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