Top 10 at Each Position


  1. Tom Brady, NE Patriots
  2. Aaron Rodgers, GB Packers
  3. Drew Brees, NO Saints
  4. Tony Romo, DAL Cowboys
  5. Eli Manning, NY Giants
  6. Michael Vick, PHI Eagles
  7. Cam Newton, CAR Panthers
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF Bills
  9. Matt Stafford, DET Lions
  10. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT Steelers


  1. LeSean Mccoy, PHI Eagles
  2. Arian Foster, HOU Texans
  3. Matt Forte, CHI Bears
  4. Fred Jackson, BUF Bills
  5. Adrian Peterson, MIN Vikings
  6. Ray Rice, BAL Ravens
  7. DeMarco Murray, DAL Cowboys
  8. Michael Turner, ATL Falcons
  9. Steven Jackson, STL Rams
  10. Beanie Wells, ARI Cardinals


  1. Calvin Johnson, DET Lions
  2. Greg Jennings, GB Packers
  3. Wes Welker, NE Patriots
  4. Mike Wallace, PIT Steelers
  5. Steve Smith, CAR Panthers
  6. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI Cardinals
  7. Dez Bryant, DAL Cowboys
  8. Dwanye Bowe, KC Chiefs
  9. Laurent Robinson, DAL Cowboys
  10. Roddy White, ATL Falcons


  1. Jimmy Graham, NO Saints
  2. Rob Gronkowski, NE Patriots
  3. Jason Witten, DAL Cowboys
  4. Tony Gonzalez, ATL Falcons
  5. Antonio Gates, SD Chargers
  6. Jermichael Finley, GB Packers
  7. Vernon Davis, SF 49ers
  8. Greg Olsen, CAR Panthers
  9. Fred Davis, WAS Redskins
  10. Aaron Hernandez, NE Patriots


  1. Mason Crosby, GB Packers
  2. John Kasay, NO Saints
  3. David Akers, SF 49ers
  4. Robbie Gould, CHI Bears
  5. Dan Bailey, DAL Cowboys
  6. Billy Cundiff, BAL Ravens
  7. Matt Bryant, ATL Falcons
  8. Sebastian Janikowski, OAK Raiders
  9. Steven Grotkowski, NE Patriots
  10. Mike Nugent, CIN Bengals

Team DEFs

  1. BAL Ravens
  2. SF 49ers
  3. DAL Cowboys
  4. DET Lions
  5. NYJ DEF
  6. GB DEF
  7. PIT Steelers
  8. HOU Texans
  9. CIN Bengals
  10. NY Giants

That’s all for today, folks. Check back in a few days for more posts!


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