3 Players to Grab Off the Waiver Wire

1. DeMarco Murray, RB Dallas Cowboys

With double digit fantasy points almost every single game since starting RB Felix Jones’ injury, Murray is already showing potential. Even when Jones returns, Murray might eat into his carries and should be the #1 RB on the Cowboys.

2. Michael Bush, RB Oakland Raiders

With Yahoo! standard scoring, Bush rapped up an incredible 30.20 points. He ran for 157 yards and a score with 85 receiving yards. He’s most likely not gonna do it again, but if Mcfadden doesn’t return soon, Bush will be racking up some numbers.

3. Laurent Robinson, WR Dallas Cowboys

Robinson is just like Bush and Murray in that both starting RBs (Jones and Mcfadden) were injured. This time, however, Robinson stepped up when the starting WR Miles Austin was sidelined with a second hamstring injury. He produced 19 Yahoo! points and got a 58 yard TD pass from Tony Romo. Expect him to put up more numbers next week.


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